Goods made from burlap green bean coffee bags
  • Dining - Coasters


    These natural coasters with a cork base will help protect your valued tables and end tables during lively gatherings or create a special setting for you outdoor cocktail party - a perfect accompaniment to our placemats!

    ~ Full 1/8” cork created a stable base that won’t easily slip or move around.

    ~ Split burlap edging creates an original, rustic feel

    ~ Coaster fabric is untreated ~ you may consider applying a sealer to minimize staining.  Several organics are on the market and solutions made at home are available online.

    ~ 5" x 5"

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    *Coasters are not available for the "Make It Mine!" option found with other products at Green Bean GoodsAll coasters will have designs or graphics on them.  No returns or refunds if the selection chosen is not to your favor.