Goods made from burlap green bean coffee bags
  • Tote Bag - Small


    The bag that’s just perfect for you - recycled from green coffee burlap bags.

    ~ What could you not like about this bag?  It’s the perfect size!

    ~ Quick trips to your neighborhood store ~

    ~ A book bag for the library ~

    ~ A gift bag for your best friends, reminding them of your friendship ~

    ~ Select "Make It Mine!" to choose a specific design that is you* ~

    ~ Our Green Bean Goods Totes & Bags are always sewn together with triple-stitched upholstery thread. The gussets on the bottom creates a strong base. 

    ~ Pull-out fabric inner liner allows for easy cleaning.

    ~ Finished size is 9" x 12" x 4"

    Free shipping on all orders over $75.00!

    *"Make It Mine!" – select a specific design that will be guaranteed to be yours! If you elect the "Select for Me" option, a high-quality design will be chosen on your behalf.   (Additional charge applies for specific design selection.  No returns or refunds if the selection chosen is not to your favor for “Select for Me”.)